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Commentaries stated in catalogues, advertisements, and leaflets, for each lots are just for participants reference, the pictures and explanation (artist, years, size, weight, materials, colours, techniques, provenance, conditions, title, damage, and restorations) are not to subject representation of facts but rather subjective statements of opinions held by Est-Ouest, and does not guarantee any warrant for buy-sell transactions from this statement. The pictures of the lots may not reflect the exact texture, colouring, or materials of the actual works, and the illustrated materials are not meant to discriminate to show any defects or conditions of the works. Thus, Est-Ouest does not hold legal responsibility stated in the catalogues. For those who wish to purchase, please examine the works in person at your own responsibility and judgement at the auction preview. (Some items may not be displayed at preview can be seen by having an appointment at designated time and place by Est-Ouest.) < Attention >
Ivory, coral and Agalloch wood that are under control of the Washington Convention, do not include any export permit. Cancellation is not acceptable due to any reason about the pick-up of products.