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Procedure of Est-Ouest Live Bidding

“Est-Ouest Live Bidding”, a system that allow you to participate into live auction of Est-Ouest by internet.
In the auction held in Tokyo and Hong Kong by Est-Ouest, we will relay the instant state of the venue through dedicated software around the time when auction starts. Participant(s) is/are able to take part in auction in real time. While watching the relayed bidding status, participant(s) could bid for desired bidding lot(s).
We are looking forward for your enquiry and registration.


To bid in the online auction, login ID and password issued by our company is required. Please click the button on the right side and fill in the form for the first registration. Please complete the registration 5 working days before the date of auction. In addition, new password will be issued for each auction. For valued customer(s) who has participated into the past auction of Est-Ouest is/are also required to click the button on the right side and fill in the form in order to issue password for online bidding. Please make sure you should submit the form 5 working days before the date of auction. Demand for registration will be increasing near the auction date, please reserves sufficient time to complete the registration to avoid any delay.


Once we receive your submission, we will send email to notify you to provide us necessary documents for the first time registration. Please submit the required document before the specified deadline.


Once we received and confirmed the submitted necessary documents, we will send you your Login ID and password. Please keep the ID and password safely and manage strictly. Please login the user’s page from the right side, and you are required to read the “Internet live bidding Manual”. Moreover, please launch the “Live screen” which will start the actual bidding and confirm the operation.


The live broadcast will be started 30 minutes before auction start at the local time of venue. Please launch the “live screen” to check the progress of auction.


If you bid item(s) successfully, we will send you the invoice. Please make the payment for the item(s) and pick up the item(s) before deadline. Since the user ID can be used again in the future sale, please keep it in a safe place.