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How to Buy

How to buy at auction

Our auctions are open to the public and anyone can participate. First of all please apply for catalogue subscription and check items. If you find items of your interest, check the items by yourself or contact us for the conditions. In order to participate, you need to register in advance. After the registration, we can accept absentee written bids, bids from telephone, other than bidding in the saleroom.

�Q���̑O�� Before participating in Auctions

To whom wishing to participate Est-Ouest Auction Sale for the first time, please give us the following documentation to meet our new standards of bidding customer registration.

�J�^���O Auction catalogs

Catalogues are usually prepared three weeks prior to the auction. Bidders can find useful information about items such as images, basic information, estimate price. Auction result is released after the auction.

Contact Us

������ Preview

All items included in the catalogue are exhibited at the preview. You can check the conditions by yourself. Also we can provide professional advice.

�e�Q�����@ Bids by absentee bid snd from telephone

We accept absentee bids and telephone bids from those who cannot come to the auction. Please fill the absentee bid form at the back of our catalogue or download from below, and send it by post or fax or email to us, and it must be arrived us two days before the auction. On behalf of the customers, our staff as your agent makes a bid up to the maximum amount you indicate. If you would like to bid from telephone, please let us know in advance. We cannot accept telephone bid request depending on items.


Internet Bidding

“Est-Ouest Live Bidding”, a system that allow you to participate into live auction of Est-Ouest by internet.
In the auction held in Tokyo and Hong Kong by Est-Ouest, we will relay the instant state of the venue through dedicated software around the time when auction starts. Participant(s) is/are able to take part in auction in real time. While watching the relayed bidding status, participant(s) could bid for desired bidding lot(s).

�����̎�t Registration for paddle

You need to make a registration in advance to bid. Issued entry ticket and paddle number are required to present at the admission to the auction.


Buyer is obliged to be registered before the sale. Please fill in this form and fax it +81(0)3-5791-3133 or email to the below with a copy of Passport, identification containing photograph, credit card (both side) and bank reference.

�I�[�N�V���� Auction

Auction is implemented by auctioneer bidding-up . Items are auctioned by the lot numbers. When the auctioneer call the lot number of the item of your interest, raise your paddle and show it to the auctioneer. When the auctioneer judges that only one bidder is left, he hits the hammer. At this moment the successful bidder and the hammer price is determined.

After Sale
During the period of 10 business days (not including Saturday, Sunday and public holidays of Japan) after the end of the auction (the final date of auction if held for consecutive days), Est-Ouest would continue to sell the unsold property at the minimum price according to the above terms.

���x���� Payment

Successful bidders shall provide a payment within 14 days after the auction. Payment should be made in cash, by remittance or bank cashier's check issued by bank that bank law determines.

��i�̈����n�� Collection

Items can be collected after the confirmation of the payment. If you would like delivery, please fill out the shipping instruction form. Please note that the successful bidders shall pay the delivery charge.

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